Our company

Tunisian international Seafood is known for its popular exchanges of fresh Mediterranean seafood across the world.
The company is willing to provide its customers with high quality products responding to our clients’ requirements and to the high standards of the Quality Insurance. The efforts we are making aim for the clients’ satisfaction in the first place.

Tunisian International Seafood is in partnership with a diversity of countries :

  • Asia: Thailand, China, Korea.
  • European Union: Spain, Italy, France, Greece, Netherlands.
  • Middle East and Gulf Countries.
  • North America: Canada.

Our Goals:
  • Supply the highest quality at affordable prices;
  • Provide our customers witch the finest service and efficient delivery.
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Why Choose Us

100% Biological Products

For us, it's not only about serving you low-quality but scrumptious products. It's about having a general point of vue and putting ourselves in the place of the customers. Therefore, our objectif is bringing you a better quality , leading us to perform advanced research, and analyzing all the products that will arrive fresh and full of flavor.

Excellence of the Service

Our service highly relies on communication and connection with the customers. Our workers give this field a lot of importance and do their best while helping the client, in order to satisfy them. Thanks to the collaboration of our competent workers, all your questions will have answers. They are available 24/7 to respond to your requests.

Rich Experience

Seafood products’ domain has been our speciality concerning our activity for more than 14 years. We have always focalized on one goal which is allowing people to consume a combination of healthy and savory food. Seing people smile and enjoy our products have made us grateful. Not only have we gained experience across the years thanks to our researches , but also thanks to you.